Ogmore Farm Riding Centre

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Riding a horse on a wide open beach near the lapping fringe of the sea is a dream for many people. At Ogmore Farm near Bridgend in South Wales this dream is a reality, every day.

There are three scheduled treks per day:

10.30 - approx. 2hr Trek - £50

13.00 - approx 2hr Trek - £50

15.00 - approx 1hr Trek - £30

For more information call: 01656 880856


Riding a horse on a wide open beach near the lapping fringe of the sea is a dream for many people. At Ogmore Farm near Bridgend in South Wales this dream is a reality, every day.

A two hour trek meanders from the yard twice a day, traversing rivers, beach and high sand dunes. The farm is set in beautiful surroundings, under the silent presence of imposing Ogmore Castle. On leaving the yard the trek seems to head into the very castle grounds before it swings past the entrance towards the River Ewenny and it's famous stepping stones. Soon after fording the Ewenny, the trek fords another water course, The Ogmore River.

Following the direction of the estuary, flanked by the high dunes of Merthyr Mawr Warren the trek heads towards the beach. Teeming with birds all the year round, you will notice that on horseback you can get a much closer look before they fly away. Instead of distinguishing the form of a person, birds perceive the whole of horse and rider so feeling less alarmed. Kingfishers blue neon back is often seen as are exotic white Egrets, relative to our native Heron also common in the area.

Soon the sky widens as the trek reaches the open sandy levels of Newton Beach. Turning West towards Porthcawl, competent riders can have a canter close to the waves whilst the more sedate walk along the beach head. Riding a horse is a natural and lovely experience, enhanced by the unique beauty of this inspiring location. From the beach the trek heads North ascending the path to the ridge of the dunes.

Regarded as some of the highest in Europe, these dunes look more like hills. Pretty soon the elevation affords panoramic views across the channel to Somerset and Devon beyond. Leaving the beach lined by horse trails, far away below, the ridge path takes the trek deeper into the dunes unique environment. Soon all the world is rolling dunes as the trek winds along the ridge towards leafy shaded woods. Descending then to the deep and sandy valley floor, observant riders notice the ruins of the ancient fortified manor known as Candelston Castle.

Passing through lower dunes on the flanks of the Warren the trek comes full circle to the banks of the Ogmore River. Returning home towards Ogmore Castle and the yard.

The two hour trek costs £50 . Departing at 10.30 am and 13.00 in the afternoon. It is advised to arrive some fifteen minutes before to get your helmet and meet your horse.

Experienced rider or first timer, you may safely ride the beach on a suitable horse at Ogmore Farm. Disabled riders welcome.

Last trip of the day is an hour long lead rein trek which departs at 15.00. Suitable for young children and less intrepid adults, riders are led by experienced handlers. Instead of the beach the route goes in the other direction and climbs steadily towards the open common between St Brides Major and the Ogmore estuary. From this vantage point impressive views are afforded in all directions making a huge swathe of the South Wales region visible, rolling far away over the gentle contours of the Glamorgan Vale. Looking South lies the wide Bristol channel, dotted by shadows of lonely ships homeward bound or heading out to the empty expanse of the Atlantic. Slumbering on the other side is the Northern shore of Somerset and Devon as it tapers West to disappear in the distant blue.

The price of the hour trek is £30. Once again it's advisable to arrive in enough time find a helmet and meet your horse.


To book a ride or to make further enquiries call Robert or Angela Williams on 01656 880856.